Karen Datangel knew from a young age that she wanted to write. Dabbling into fiction in elementary school, she grew up and discovered that non-fictional writing for a newspaper or a magazine may be her calling, and that interviewing random folks and famous people would be pretty awesome too. She dedicated her adolescence and early young adulthood to learning how to utilize her skills in a new way (And developing them for the ever-evolving media landscape) and graduated with a B.A. in journalism from San Francisco State University in 2011. She has worked with a good range of mediums and has taken on different roles at a variety of print and Web publications. Her work has appeared in Hollywood LifeExaminer.com, Academy of Art University News, Audrey Magazine, amongst many others. She has even had editor letters published in the San Francisco Chronicle and People. She has also been involved with the production of CAAMFest (Formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival) since 2010: volunteering, interning, screening films, and contributing content for program guides. When she isn’t freelancing, she works at her day job as a data entry and document review clerk at one of the fastest-growing tech companies in SF. She also writes about her life and other random topics that come to mind on her blog, Karen On.

In high school, Karen was actively involved in student government and leadership and stays passionate about politics and social issues. Besides working at her actual job, writing, taking the steps towards her dream career, and being a social media and overall Web junkie, Karen truly lives for cinema, live music, theater, pop culture, catching up on all the TV shows she couldn’t watch while in school (Breaking Bad and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are her current favorites), childhood nostalgia (Like Disney, old-school Nickelodeon and MTV, Sailor Moon, and Street Fighter and the other beat-em-up games of the 90s) and baseball and the San Francisco Giants. She adores exploring the city—hers and others, being with good company, and collecting a chockful of mementos.

Karen continues to look for opportunities to share her passion and expertise with entertainment/lifestyle publications and properties, or basically any position that will allow her to write, create and curate content, and be on the Internet. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Karen currently lives in San Francisco’s Oceanview district with her parents, two younger college-aged siblings, and their adorable cat, Cortland.