College: San Francisco State University

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San Francisco, CA
Attended: August 2006 to December 2010
Graduated: January 2011
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Journalism
GPA: 3.08
University Website | Journalism Department Website

My extracurricular experience in college was admittedly non-existent–not like high school, as you’ll read below–but my educational experience was very rich. I declared my Journalism major as soon as I was enrolled and took the core classes in history, law, newswriting, reporting, editing, and multimedia. Magazine writing and sports writing were my elective classes, and the Ethnic News Service course allowed me to collaborate with staff writers on community publications. I also served as a multimedia producer for the school publication per the department’s requirement (See Media). Additionally, my schedule usually consisted of  courses in women’s studies (Including Women and Media) and ethnic studies and to a smaller degree, music, dance, and art and literature.

High School: El Camino High School

South San Francisco, CA
Attended: August 2002 to June 2006
Graduated: June 2006
Degree: High School Diploma
GPA: ~3.5
School Website

I was an honor and merit roll student in high school, taking a few (But not every) honors and advanced placement classes every year. I served as a clerical aide during my last semester, assisting the general office with various duties such as sorting mail, delivering messages to classrooms, and filing. The senior project was a fairly recent requirement that all potential graduates had to complete and I chose to do mine on musical theater. I shadowed cast and crew members of a Broadway by the Bay production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and observed the production process. I wrote my paper on world issues that were present in three musicals: The AIDS epidemic in Rent, the Asian sex trade in Miss Saigon, and racial tensions in West Side Story. The panelists praised my presentation and my paper was used as an example for future seniors for a couple of years after I graduated in the top 15 percent of my class.

I was very involved in the campus culture. I was active in the French Club and Multicultural Club (For the latter I served as President for a year). I was also a member of the Link Crew for three years, interacting with incoming freshmen at new student orientations and social activities held throughout the year. I made my first venture into journalism, taking the journalism course for two years, writing and editing for the school paper, and becoming the recipient of the schoolwide Journalism award in 2005 (See Media for more information). Slightly more profoundly, I gained much business experience in student leadership. I served three-and-a-half years overall—two as the Class of 2006 secretary, then was elected as Associated Student Body secretary. I attended many seminars and conferences within my class and throughout the Bay Area (Including the California Association of Student Councils Summer Leadership Conference and the Student Body Presidents Conference) to learn more about my role and worked with fellow student officers to organize class and school events. As secretary, I attended meetings, took minutes, compiled and organized data, and took on a managerial role in the leadership class when I became ASB secretary. In 2005, I received a “Most Likely to Be Seen in Class” certificate (For one of the lighter individual titles handed out to the 40+ members of our team), a medal for three years of leadership involvement, and the highest honor, Associated Student Body Officer of the Year.