Special Projects

For Your Consideration

My friend Janna Jeffrey and I coordinated this project to celebrate the 2011 Academy Awards. We rounded up a group of friends across the Web to write persuasive pieces on each of the ten films nominated in order to highlight their strengths. One post was published a day for the ten days leading up to the ceremony. I wrote a couple of pieces myself and was responsible for posting copy and choosing accompanying photos. I also designed the site header.

The IdolForums American Idol Yearbook (2008 and 2009)

Taking after an idea from So You Think You Can Dance fans on IdolForums.com, my friend Meaghan McCarthy and I coordinated online community-wide efforts to memorialize the 2008 and 2009 seasons in fan-made books to present to the top 10 finalists on their summer tours. Why do I mention this in my portfolio? For one, it truly exemplifies my passion for pop culture (I was addicted to American Idol since Carrie Underwood‘s season but lost the love somewhere until Phillip Phillips‘ season, then I just stopped watching altogether). But it was a real-life full-fledged editorial and creative venture. My major duties included designing most of the pages via Adobe Photoshop, writing copy, gathering fan submissions for publication, and selecting other IdolForums members to design unique covers for each contestant (2009 season only) as well as other pages. Though Meaghan and I spearheaded the projects, we’ve considered it a collaboration of the entire American Idol fan community (Specifically IdolForums.com) and personally, I feel that I can apply the experience to managing and leading other online communities.

To find out more about the projects, our processes, and to view sample pages, refer to the 2008 and 2009 Yearbook threads on IDF (Also, please note that because YouTube deleted my old channel for crap reasons, you will no longer be able to view most videos).